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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I don't recall snow in "the monster mash"

Nor was the over 14 inches that fell on Tobyhanna, a graveyard smash. Days before Halloween we got over a foot of the white stuff.

I had no electric from just before 10 am, until ten to one in the afternoon. I did not get to make my coffee before the power went. Shocked I avoided killing any one.

But on the upside this was the first time I got to use the snowblower. Where was this thing my whole life?

If your in a warmer place (pretty much anywhere not near Tobyhanna) then you will enjoy the show.

The ABC station in Scranton said 1-4 inches. WFMZ did say over a foot up this way.(guess who got it right.) The neighboring borough of Mt. Pocono has a snow emergency as we speak. Just days before Halloween no less.

I hate to think what January will bring!

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  • A-ha! That's where our two inches of snow went! Here in the WV hills, we were supposed to get a smattering, but it didn't pan out.

    Guess it held off to land on you, Spike.

    Man, that ground's gonna be tough for short hops tonight in the Series!

    By Blogger Bob Kincaid, at 5:28 AM  

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