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Saturday, November 29, 2008


In light of yesterday (Black Friday 2008) and the incidents that lay the cloud of shame on the holidays. First at 5am in Valley Stream Long Island (Not far from where Joey Butafuco once lived and nailed teen agers) a Wal-mart security guard was trampled to death.

Then later in the day two women in a Cali-forn-yah Toys-R-Us (Sorry I can not reverse the R!) got in a loud vocal argument over a item. This came to a end when one women pulled a sidearm (handgun) on the other and shot a round into the person she disagreed with.

Talk about real life Jingle all the way!

The Wal_mart in East Stroudsburg, PA had a bomb scare around mid-day Friday. When police and fire crews arrived to evacuate the store customers argued with the emergency personal. "We've beeen on line for so long. Let us finish our shopping first!" In light of the recent terror attacks in India some were willing to risk their lives for a HD TV, and argyle socks. Wow, that is Freedom baby!

Bernie O'Hare of Lehigh Valley Ramblings (my favorite blogger out there, and I don't say that to kiss ass. I check it every single day regardless of what state I may be in. If I can get on line I go to his blog. http://lehighvalleyramblings.blogspot.com It is also linked on the right.) He put up a post that he will celebrate Festivus this year due to the economic times. Telling all he made a donation in their name to the Human Fund.

For the last three years I have made and mailed Festivus cards to friends and family. Some may have though I hit my head one too many times. But I'm Irish so I have 2 inches of dense skull covering my brian. Thats why I wear a 7 and 7/8 fitted hat!

But O'Hare only helps win the debate. Bill O'Reilly can scream about the "War on Christmas", the real enemy is Capitralism Bill O's best bud. Greed has driven us out of our fucking skulls. Like a bad Troma flick, or a Chase Utley line drive between your eyes. Our skulls have been beaten about for years by Corporate America, making material items as important as love, peace, and happiness. I know my life is better with a ove glove, RC Hummer, O'Reilly Factor "Holiday Balls", over priced susage, the Homer Simpson Chia head(More hair than Homer), and the fucking clapper!

Give me, give me, give me, give me, I want, I want, I want!!!!! The general population of this nation has become a spoiled fucking tot!

I'll stick with Festivus for the rest of us! "There had to be a better way!"

And it doubles as Eddie Vedder's birthday! Some real Irony in that for any Pearl Jam fan!

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