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Thursday, January 15, 2009

NFL Playoff picks

Jesus Christ, it's been too long since my last post.

Don't worry in the next few days the video from WNEP will be a link so it doesn't auto play. They use to not do that. I guess they wanted to get their local TV ads played on myspace even if folks had no interest in watching it.

Don't worry "Scranton Yankee" fans. Or as I like to call them "Scranton Jerk Offs who wish they were from New York City".

Your "first champions of Scranton" will be back. Just none will go on to be World Fucking Champions like the former Red Barons (Utley, Howard, Burrell, Shane-o,Hamels, Myers, etc.)

Ya'll have Melky a washed up never was outfielder for the Yank-mes.

And don't think I didn't notice the increase in NY Football giants fans in Scranton over the last year! (You think we don't notice you fuckers always jumping ships? )

But enough about how the folks in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre are nimrods that drank too much water tainted by shutdown coal mines! Not even why I write!

No, no. This weekend is Conference Championship weekend. Or as most know it (the games that almost always are better than the Superbowl!)

The Superbowl is a Cartoon of itself. How many times in the next two weeks will you hear women declare "I just watch the ads."

Drives me fucking nuts. It's more QVC and less championship. You know what I do during the ads? I take pisses and shits! Most of the ads suck anyways. I mean the best corporate America has had to offer in the last 15 Superbowls is frogs saying "Bud-weis-er", and that hot chic (who was famous for a year maybe) in a Doritios ad.

The thing that pisses me off the most is, how many corporations that asked for welfare from the government "bailouts" will spend about half of the cash you and I supplied in the form of Taxes?

Will Citicard run stupid ads? Will Dodge spend 2 million to tell us for 30 seconds they are trying to save money? (Like the full page ad they ran in the Wall Street Journal saying that a few weeks ago at a cost of 100k! Check out Mark Cuban's blog on that gem.)

Oh the 50 billion hours of pre-game shit.

Thanks god for REAL FOOTBALL FANS, we have this Sunday!

Game One Philadelphia@ Arizona:

Well as a Philly everything else fan but Dolphan NFL season. I'm no "iggles" fan. I get sick to my stomach every August when the Phillies are in the heat of a Pennant race and all the sports media in Philly wants to talk about is Eagles training camp at Lehigh.

I'm shocked the Eagles found the way to the NFC Championship game. I mean McNabb has as much sense with clock time, as a 2 year old. What times up? But I was having fun!

I will say in McNabb's defense the Phone penalty was total Bullshit. As was the fine TO got for the filming joke he did after a TD as a jab at those scumbags from New England. Thew NFL still stands for No Fun League, how I miss the AFL when these flags and fines are issued in NFL play. I think the phone was far less troublesome than dog fights, or running with gang members to tittie bars!

Jesus maybe if I posted more often I could stay on subject.

So as I was saying, Eagles offensive secret is Westbrook. This guys is a running back and a wide receiver for them. And oh yeah he's hurt from the last game.

Eagles do have a decent defense. But Offensively with no Brian Westbrook, they should just ask the Philadelphia Soul play for them instead. If Westbrook plays and is good enough I say Eagles beat the Cards. He ran wild on them Thanksgiving ala the old "What you going to do, when Hulkamania runs wild all over you!"

I'm a huge Arena Football fan (was at the first ever game for the Philadelphia Soul, every home opener in team history, every Soul game at home vs Dallas,every home playoff game in franchise history, and what may have been the last ever Soul game in Philly where they became National conference Champs and went to what may be the last ever Arenabowl)

So my heart really wants Kurt Warner to win. He may be the only man to ever make it to Canton, Ohio that has AFL on his résumé. (I have to cut and past that word otherwise it's resume, and that is a totally different word.)

The Cards D has played with some real fire and urgency the last two weeks, but I wonder if this D is the real deal. (Ravens and Steelers D has been great all year not just the past two weeks!)

So I have a odd pick here, If Westbrook is good
Eagles 27
Cards 17

If Westbrook is so-so or doesn't play
Eagles 10
Cards 21

GAME TWO Ravens @ Steelers:

WOW, this may be possibly the greatest NFL playoff game in three decades. You have to go back to the days of Terry Bradshaw to compare possibly. Maybe this could rank up there with the "Icebowl".

The two toughest Defensive teams meet. Both have OK offensives as well.Most importantly both franchises HATE each other. This is like Dallas vs Philly in the NFC, Patriots vs Dolphins, or Packers Bears.

I have no idea what the over under is as of today. But take the under in this match up. I doubt the margin of victory will surpass 7 points. Hell I wonder if we will have a winner after 4 quarters of play!

I do think that the amount of injuries the Ravens have suffered this post season will catch up with them in Ice cold Pittsburgh.

Ravens: 14
Steelers: 17 OT

I would like to see a all Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Superbowl, but don't be sure the Ealges will do their part to make it so.

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