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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yankees AAA team closes down club at Shea Jr.

The NY Yankees moved their AAA affiliation to Scranton PA. (Actually in Moosic near the Airport in the "burbs" of Scranton.)

Before it was PNC it was Lackawana County Stadium. Before it had natural grass it had Astro turf. The stadium was built in 1989 by the county that Scranton calls home. The Red Barons were the AAA team for the Phillies (hence the astro turf in the days of the Vet.)

But around 2003 the honeymoon was long over. The Scranton folks didn't care Chase Utley, Nick Punto, Ryan Madison, Brett Myers, Jimmy Rollins, Pat Burrell,Ryan Howard, Gavin Floyd , Cole Hammels,Shane Victerino, Mike Liberthal, and Todd Pratt were all Red Barons. (The last two the only ones listed that were not there between 1999 and 2005. They were with the first of two Red Barons teams to play for the International League title. 2001's team with guys like Utley and Punto also played for the title and had a lead in the series when 9-11-01 happened the championship was then cancelled for 2001. 2008 the Scranton Yankees won the title and now are the "first" champions in Scranton Sports.)

2007 the NY Yankees came to town with the "Scranton Yankees" most in Scranton are Yankee fans baseball season. They went ape shit. Yankees brought grass which turned the stadium eerily into the Shea of Scranton.

Now they are chasing out a local operator of the "Stadium Club" the bar/resturant open year round. (In the early 1990's this was a outside the box concept. Now every new MLB park has at least one if not more business operating year round in the stadium.)Is the Scranton Yanks claim legit? Or is Hank and the Steinbrats looking to prop Aramark in at all their minor league stadiums?

Don't worry Kelly P, I hear it will turn into a Hooters for all the boobs who love the Yankees. I'm sure they will hire you back, as long as you don't mind tight small uniforms, pantyhose, and drunken PGA stars.

  • Transcript and video link to WNEP ABC 16's story on this

  • Lackawana County Stadium October 2003

    PNC "Field" (aka Scranton Shea)
    Summer 2008

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    • Would you stop whining about the Yankees already? Your team won, isn't that enough?

      By Blogger Sexy Witch, at 6:45 AM  

    • Have you seen my article 'IronPigs Stomp Yankees'?

      re: SWB attendance vs LV attendance

      SWB Yankees (I wrote a piece 'Hail The Champions you might like) are indeed the IL Governor's Cup champions.

      IronPigs are Ed Rendell Governor's Cup champions at the box office by far.

      You might like 'Hughes, Kennedy Headed For Scranton' or IL News: Duncan Designated as well.

      About six or seven of the guys off this year's AAA championship team have already signed with new teams, such as Matt Carson with the Oakland A's.

      I plan to follow the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees quite closely as they are our in-state rival. I will try to project the AAA club roster for the Yankees soon as well.

      I plan to follow Pawtucket closely, who are your rivals' farm club. I'llk take a shot at their AAA club roster.

      I invite you to stop in at your leisure.

      By Blogger IRONPIGPEN, at 8:43 PM  

    • Well I'm a Phillies Phan so Boston and Paw sox are not my rivals.

      BUT, I love the Iron Pigs.

      And the R-Phils as well!

      I'll check that article out I dig the blog.

      By Blogger J. SPIKE ROGAN, at 9:08 PM  

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