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Friday, January 16, 2009

Joseph Stalin's kin found in NY running a NY Mets Blog

Blogger "Mets grrl"

So all who know me, know I love talking sports and Baseball to fans of any team. (My Dad the Mets fan, my buddy Pete and friend El more Mets fans. My buddy Pat a Boston fan that was a fan when they sucked too, and my girl friend Marjorie who is Yankee fan.and yet I still love her!;)

I love the blog "Home Run Derby" they have a link on here. Great diamond chat all year. And with more than just people who think like me. I love debate. I'd rather disagree with a Mets or Cardinals fan than just listen to the choir and pat myself on the back!

Then again I also DO NOT WATCH FOX NEWS!

I'm a fan of democracy and free exchange of views.

Well I guess "METS GRRL" (She's a Mets fan who seems to not care for the letter I)

She's also a fan of Sean Hannity style only we are right and don't any outsiders say a word!

I made a few jokes and insightful thoughts on corporate ads in Baseball. And the awful logo the Mets had made. They paid some advertising firm to make the first year at "Cititfield" patch. I don't know why!

Any kid in the NY Media market could have made a patch that is 10,000 times better, for free!

After a few posts I saw this comment from the "grrl"

" kind of have to wonder why, all day, I’ve been deleting derogatory comments from fans of other teams. I gotta tell ya, I don’t have enough time in my day to go to a fan site for another team and taunt them about their *uniform logo*.

Not to mention it also isn’t any of my business. I’m not gonna have to wear it. I can understand having an opinion but the rest of it kind of befuddles me." this was posted after one of my posts.

Well considering it was after my post. (and I got a e-mail that she gave that reply. I had to comment back on that.

I joked again that since Citibank is part of the Corporate swine bailout. EVERY American even those who are NOT Mets fans should have a say how the tax funded cash is spent.

Also I said don't let the fans of other teams upset you. When you get all worked up and bent out of shape and bannish folks for not agreeing with you, makes you look like a Yankees fan. (Or atleast George Stienbrener as played by Larry David.)


How dare I!

When I saw someone counter my thoughts the cardinals wear a corporate name with Busch Stadium patches. A Mets fan made a good point. It is the owners name not just a sponsor.

So when I went to say that maybe so, but look at the Brewers when Miller Brewing owned them they changed the "M" logo on their caps. The "M" became a clone for Millers logo font. So viola the Brewers advertise Beer subversively as do the Cardinals I feel.

But after I made my post and hit enter.


Apparently while most Baseball fans love democracy, free speech, and other views. NOT METS FANS in the world of sexes with no vowels!

My Friend Tommy last year made a myspace "JUST FOR METS FANS!" he didn't want to speak with any Phillies or Yankees fans any more.

Is it some are in denial that Omar was over hyped as a GM? Do they not want to face the facts Anna Benson may have hit the nail on the head for several years? Omar's main concern was the most Latinos on one team. (So he can sell swag and seats to NYC's huge latino population like George did before him? While overlooking better talent of other ethnic backgrounds. This off season to his credit he gave up the quest for biggest Latin names and tried to get best talent.)

Or has America been just so polarized and minded fucked to the point no one wishes to hear from other sides? (look at Cable news MSNBC vs FOX NEWS!)

(Read the rest of this post in the voice of Keith Olberman on Countdown, or Ben Afflack on SNL as him will do)

Mets grrl your always free and welcome to post here. As long as it has something to do on the subject of the post your commenting on!

I'm not a dictator and nor should you.

Good night and GOOD LUCK! Even for the Mets!

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    The 2009 Mets patch in question comes from "The ‘ROPOLITAN" blog.

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    • Take it from this Mets fan: it's an ugly patch. I would happily have designed it for half the money they paid. Rather than worrying about the patch, I'm worried about consistent pitching and hitting. But I'm just crazy.

      By Blogger Elucidator, at 5:20 AM  

    • The Mets...yes, the Mets...the Bisons need to come up with an original name for their stadium...

      By Blogger IRONPIGPEN, at 4:51 PM  

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