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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

South Jersey iggles fans wish, they did it first

Watch this link from the Arizona NBC 12. Apparently Philly is not the only place with dumb rednecks as fans!

While Mitch Williams got death threats, and half the men in Clayton, NJ who wear Real Tree Camo "Git-r-done!" hats are readying crosses and nooses for McNabb over the playoff loss in Arizona.

These two obvious bar mates hatched a great idea. (If you were a 15 year old High School freshman!)

Take diesel fuel (the hardest to ignite, the worst to put out, and the nastiest of all for fumes)

And left messages for Donavan. None were soup related.

The 28 year old looks unfazed in his mug shot. The old man is embarrassed, not as much as the Cardinals organization by his mug shot!

Kurt Warner said he's just angry they forgot to thank God for fire and diesel fuel.

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  • The cops should just put those two guys in a room with McNabb and an offensive lineman of his choice and a football. Then they should hang a sign on the door that says "Don Not Disturb" and go to lunch for an hour. After lunch they should let the two guys go. Or have them carted home or to the morgue, whatever.

    Courts are backlogged as it is I believe.

    If Eagles fans are upset with McNabb (who I understand had a pretty good game - I didn't see) well...

    These guys are just idiots. Their freaking team won! If I'm a Cardinal fan, I got no beef with McNabb. I'm thinking Super Bowl.
    This HAS to be bad karma for Arizona.

    The Sports Gods can't be terribly impressed with these two intellectual stalwarts.

    By Blogger IRONPIGPEN, at 7:29 PM  

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