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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

IZOD IndyCar fans, Get fooled again!!!

Ah “what to say, what to say…” “Like a word misplaced nothing said what a waste…”

Those are lines from the Pearl Jam song ‘Dissident’, and somehow it came to me at the end of this god awful announcement from the IZOD IndyCar series today.

Open wheel fanatics and even casual race fans were getting all up into a froth in anticipation for this announcement. Myself and @Kart58 on Twitter were talking about how it felt like Christmas eve waiting to open our presents.

Clearly the iconic committee put a massive amount of coal in many fan’s stockings. Espically if you’re a fan of Swift Engineering. I like how Rachael Nichols (better known as @Pinkgineer on twitter) was VERY classy on the matter. She posted shortly after the announcement the following: “Thanks to everyone for the support these past months. I would have still put in just as much effort if I knew the outcome. Until next time!”

I would be Uber pissed if I flew from California to Indiana only to be so publicly let down. But I lack class! My tweet as soon as I heard the IZOD IndyCar series will use the lines from the Who’s classic ‘Won’t get fooled again’ by staying with Dallara were as follows: “By inviting the people from #Swift to be at this, they basically just used brass knuckles to punch them in the crouch. #IZODIndyCar”

Am I wrong? Am I? Why invite people your about to say “Thanks but FUCK YOU! We have no need to change companies!” Swift got the fans more pumped up with their innovations and PR effort than Dallara, Lola, Delta Wing, and the BAT people combined!!! Rachael Nichols has become a fan favorite in the IndyCar series, and she has NEVER been a driver or strategist there!

The biggest thing that makes me laugh is the spin-meisters claims that Dallara will make car cheaper. REALLY!?!? Robin Miller said it during the winter, and I will say it now, if they think they can make a car cheaper, well then what the fuck have they been doing for what eight years now?!?

Now I know some are easily grossed out so skip this next paragraph if that is you!

Yesterday I had a “Woody Allen” Sandwich from the Carnegie Deli; it’s about three pounds of Pastrami, and corned beef on rye. I missed the first few minutes of today’s press conference in the bathroom from it. Little did I know when I flushed, that was not the biggest pile of shit I would encounter this afternoon! Man did this announcement STINK!

Ok sorry folks, but that is the damn truth!

If you heard a farting sound around 12:45 PM ET today, it was not the dog, but the sound of IZOD Indy Car fans bubble getting burst!

Granted I like the idea of different aero/body kits. They seem to think they can limit teams to just two types per season. And this will put an end to spec looking cars. So clearly the Delta win even had a victory today, albeit MINOR!

I hope if nothing else the “Mushroom buster” may find its way into the aero kits. That was a major selling point many fans loved about Swift’s plan.

I’m still not sure what to think about the engine for 2012, is it just me or did all the “Rah-rah, let’s go Dallara, win, win, win, wheeeeee!” basically dominate not only the press conference in Speedway, but also on-line? Did we even still learn anything about new engines? Or did my making a Dallara this afternoon keep me away from the PC as they hazed over it?

I did hear the “Push to Pass” button may add what feels like 100 HP. On paper that sounds good, but, can we park Milka for that? Can you imagine her timing on that? Or what if you PTP at the end of a straight into a turn, could it be like having a stuck throttle?

Hey I like the PTP idea. But wonder if maybe 30-40 HP is a big enough boost for 15 seconds.

Back to Dallara in closing, they claim a discount to the first team who buys the new car. I would hope Sarah Fisher Racing (SFR) would be the first in line. Even if it means they have to camp outside Dallara’s building for a week like teeny boppers for a “Twilight” film.

She could be the next Ganassi or Penske (so-so driver turned power house owner), and this could be the thing to move her up. Otherwise, today’s announcement basically went like the who song. Meet the new car, same as the old one. And Now, IndyCar fans won’t get fooled again. (No one will care when they have another “BIG ANNOUNCEMET” they already shot their wad of disappointment.)

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