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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top Ten baseball fan brawls, Spring Training 2009 Edition; part two

Moving on today I give you numbers 6-3.

#6 East LA Gangs and Dodger games don't mix! (Is this a baseball game fight, or a scene from Oz?)

#5 Those crazy hosers,eh! (The 500 level at Blue Jays games in 2008 , were more like WWF King of the Ring. Apparently at the Sky Dome every Tuesday is $2.00 Beers. Thats in Canadian dollars and alcohol content. Their beer has more than our pussy 5%! It shows! And hey, don't fuck with a Blue Jay fan in the 500 level. You'll end up like Hunter S. Thompson at the end of "Hells Angles"!)

#4 Mets security beats the piss out of fans. (And this video the user has not allowed to embed. So follow the link. This is another video from the September 7th beat down. My birthday is the 7th of September, maybe thats why it is soo sweet having sat field level to cheer on my Phillies that day at Shea!

This is also the first of two videos were a jacked security guard flips out it is being taped.)

  • Shea security beats fans like they owe them money!

  • Todays Honorable Non-Baseball Mention: A fight breaks out in the crowd of a toughman fight.

    #3 Cubs drunks vs White Sox drunks ( This one is dedicated to homerderby. The security guard putting the shirt over his face is lacking in professionalism. And I thought the KKK also cover your face, before they lynch you?)

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