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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top Ten baseball fan brawls, Spring Training 2009 Edition

It's amazing with all the Baseball coverage the new MLB network (Yet another pro-sports league based cable network out of shit hole New Jersey.) there is no best of brawling cheap seat drunks.

I mean other cable networks (including one that shares my name, still waiting on my settlement check Viacom!) show the most extreme (police chases, bar brawls, car crashes, storms, plane crashes, and curling) but no baseball fans fighting.

So I decided I would do it here on this low rated blog.

The list is the top 10.

Basic requirements are simple,
* Must be at a baseball game
* punches must be thrown or bodily fluids exchanged (spit)
* Must have video posted on-line so I can post it.

with that said today I give you numbers 10 through 7.

#10 Female fan vs Female member of NYPD at Yankee stadium

#9 Cubs on Cubs fight after Cubs Phillies game in Chicago (Notice the head of security, can you say "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!"

#8 Fan tossed over rail at Yankee stadium. (You'll notice no city has more assholes fighting than New York!)

#7 September 7th 2008 Mets fans vs Mets fans at Shea. (One of MANY fights online from that game. The Mets got slaughtered on the field for game one. So their fans attacked not only Phillies fans BUT themselves as well!)



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