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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Top Ten baseball fan brawls, Spring Training 2009 Edition; part three

So with further delay I give you the top 3 Baseball fan brawl videos.

#3 "Boston Sucks!" in Charm City (Most baseball fans know Baltimore these days as a destination for opposing fans. Many see the O's as a team with no direction or fans post Cal Ripken Jr. I must say, this video is high on the list just to show some Baltimore fans still give a shit about their team and home. What it lacks in blood and flying bodies it makes up for in passion that makes your heat feel warm.)

#2 Girls gone wild at a baseball game (No they don't show their tits. YES they fight! This number two is really a tie of the two best girl brawls at a MLB game. One is some bad ass Chicano girls at Dodger Stadium. The other crazy drunk girls in the Windy City.)

Honorable Mention Knock out at the Linc (This wasn't top ten, but gets a HM nod. It takes place post game like all good brawls. This is actually on the property of the Philadelphia Eagles. It is two videos. First is a fast minor fight, the second is a few dudes brawling at once. The Larry Holmes like knock out you miss the actual punch since the videographer is taping anoher fight. But the crowd response to the knock out is classic.

And YES Whip-its are for more than just Pearl Jam concerts in Philly!)

Ao to re-cap the list. The numbers are "sides" representing teams.
1-O's fans
1-Blue Jays
2- White Sox
3-Female Baseball fans
4 Cubs
5-Red Sox

Clearly the two cities that dominate this list are Chicago and New York. However the most fan fight videos on youtube clearly are at Dodger Stadium.

And now.........

#1 Phillies fans vs Mets fans, in Philly 2007 (This goes on for some time. It has every thing, R-Rated words. Beer flying. Masses of Security and cops. And a Security guard yelling "Put the camera the fuck down!" It is over 7 minutes. But lots of fighting. This is a clear winner since most fight clips are under 2 minutes.)

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